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Message Subject I have 7,000.00 should I use it to buy gold or silver?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm scaring myself now someone please stop me :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10218516

OK, calm down a LITTLE bit now. MOST of what you say is correct.

There ARE a bunch of sick, greedy, sad people who are trying to get the maximum amount of control over the rest of us, through globalized control of currency, credit, and government.

They are willing, we can see, to overthrow or do away with those who stand in the way of their goals. Hence, all the hub-bub in the middle east right now.

But, think about it. Rather than view you as someone on whom "a bullet would be extravagant", don't you think they prefer to keep you involved in their economic machine and make money off of you?

Their worst problem is this psychotic need for more and more money. How many steaks can one man even eat in a lifetime? They never stop wanting more.

It's just like an alcoholic for whom one drink is too many and a thousand are not enough.

And...best of all. They will soon turn on each other, and their scheme of globalization will go down harder than the Eurozone. Like a cancer, it will eat itself from the inside out.

No worries...relax.
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