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Message Subject I have 7,000.00 should I use it to buy gold or silver?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I would say gold, the thing is that silver is too bulky, if you needed to move in a hurry getting $7000 of silver in your pocket is just not going to happen, whereas with gold you just put it in your pocket and your away...

i bought some of this I think if you have gold and you don't want to part with it all then having little bits you can snap off like a chocolate bar is the best

[link to www.goldenasset.co]

This is the second time I have promoted this gold today but I'm still well impressed, what a bloody great idea, trust the Swiss to treat gold like chocolate :)
 Quoting: 1i

If you need to move somehwere *that* fast, you won't be getting anywhere because everyone else will be doing the same for whatever reason. aka mass panic, and widespread chaos.

It would take all of 10-15 mins to pack up even $70,000 for transport.
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