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**New Logo** For "YP" Yellow Pages phone book, and QR codes too??.....hmm

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02/02/2012 12:09 PM

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**New Logo** For "YP" Yellow Pages phone book, and QR codes too??.....hmm
Ok the Yellow pages phone book has been around for a long time. Supposedly , the name of it in itself is esoterically tied in with alot of things. It just struck me as odd that 2012 they decided to change the essence of their logo.
It used to be let the fingers do the walking.. with a pair of fingers making and upside down v in a cube. Now it has gone to the YP in a cube... what is the message being sent? Why are they starting to use the QR codes as well??? Alien language system... if so for who?
2012's Yellow page logo
yp cube1

[link to www.skiptomylou.org]

yp code1

[link to 2d-code.co.uk]

yp code2

[link to 2d-code.co.uk]

what are qr codes ?

[link to www.switched.com]

What is a QR Code?
At its most basic, a QR Code is a barcode on steroids. They're used for encoding information in two-dimensional space -- like in the pages of magazines, in advertisements and even on TV and Web sites. They were originally used to track auto parts, but have become popular (especially in Japan) for much broader, often commercial purposes.

How is it different than a barcode?
Whereas a barcode encodes data in only the horizontal plane (as scanners read the width and distance between the vertical lines), QR codes encode data both horizontally and vertically in a grid of tiny squares. This allows for much more data to be encoded in a smaller space. Barcodes, then, though ubiquitous, are good for little more than identifying products and objects. Specially programmed scanners can read barcodes, and match them to product names, prices and inventory, but that's about it. QR codes, on the other hand, can actually embed that information in the code itself, and, when read with the proper software, can trigger actions like launching a website or downloading a file. Additionally, QR codes can be read from any angle, while barcodes must be aligned properly.
rest on link...

is this 4th dimensional encoding??? these codes make me dizzy when I look at them...
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"Somewhere beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing,
there is a Garden , The Balance. I’ll meet you there."

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“The heart and mind must be brought into perfect equilibrium before true thinking or true spirituality can be attained. The highest function of the mind is reason; the highest function of the heart is intuition, a sensing process not necessitating the normal working of the mind.” ~Manly P. Hall

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02/02/2012 12:17 PM
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Re: **New Logo** For "YP" Yellow Pages phone book, and QR codes too??.....hmm

We are not just one.

We are two that become one--mitosis.

We also divide ourselves--meiosis.

Linear perspective is limited to the left hemisphere of the brain--what about the right?

Only one form of language ever communicated to both hemispheres simultaneouly--and that is the ancient language containing ideograms and logographs.
 Quoting: SecondPrecession

thus transmitting the multi dimensional functionality the structures spoken of explain

because those that wrote it were aware of the structure and function of our environment (universe) thus could write accurately that which cannot be written today because our alphabet symbols reflect our unawareness of the topic

 Quoting: aether


The Egyptians and Sumerians used both demotic (alphabet) script and cuneiform, however for their burial tombs and epitaphs they only used the most ancient of languages by using ideograms and the like.

Those epitaphs are what we call the Book of the Dead, etc.--it is a story no different than the bible or any other religious text--it is a cosmology and cosmogony. And whether people would like to believe it or not--these are our ancestors and EVERY religion on the face of the earth hails from these beginnings.

This is why they knew so much about the stars--they looked out upon them and said, "what am I here? What is here?" They studied a science of all things--it was integration of all perspectives and sciences. Naturalists to the Nth degree.

Today, however, we have neurology, biology, gastroenterology, astronomy, astrology, physics, theoretical physics, ecology, etc---all conducted to cater to the left brain linear and Cartesian mode of separating what is together into different parts and pieces.

Only the right brain integrates it all back together. Only the two in conjunction can do this in such a way as to make a way forward, and backward into the world.

Our ancestors did not make some huge mistake--the mistake was made in forgetting them. Take a look at any indigenous tribespeople--they are the only ones left who have anything to say about reverence for our ancestors. And they are the only ones desperately trying to still live in accord with nature.

We have been conditioned to call them primitives, and third-worlders. And yet, their dead will always be our dead.

As to the elite---ask yourself how they have managed to fulfill their plans GENERATIONALLY?

Do you think they did this without their dead?

And yet here we are--all of us--the majority of humanity, having forgotten ourselves.
 Quoting: SecondPrecession

Thread: Who/What are the ARCHONS? (Page 22)

okay, winter got from park the storyline he utilizes to explain the cross-over from ideograms and logographs to the hebrew alphabet
ideograms and logographs is highly advanced writing utilized by aware of the structure and function of our universe writers , no matter their location of origin (this galaxy or not)
it was utilized by both our ancestors of our golden age and the non humans that lived here thus, the styles are different but the essence (structure) of their writing is the same

the reason this structure of writing is common is because it permits the writer and the reader, whom are both aware of the structure and function of our environment, to describe their physical and emotional experiences within the environment in a multidimensional manner that expresses emotional and physical realities they experienced when they did what their writing describes them doing

it is not a description of how the emotional/physical experiences manifested, both reader and writer know how , what they describe is why, as in:

what they did to experience what they experienced and descriptions of the experience it`self

that in essence is what this style of language transmits
 Quoting: aether