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Leon Panetta "Israel May Attack Iran" this is getting real...real quick!

Woot Woot

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02/05/2012 02:15 PM

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Re: Leon Panetta "Israel May Attack Iran" this is getting real...real quick!
Ummm ... maybe they're concerned about mad dog mullah nutbars who have publically stated they will annihalate the Jewish state at the first opportunity getting their hands on nuclear weapons

FFS rant
 Quoting: Woot Woot

Maybe they wouldn't have to annihilate Israel if it weren't a US Imperial whore and an expansionist, racist military state?

Democracy and Zionism are far, far crazier than Islam; and have killed far more people.
 Quoting: SoCuteYourHeadAsploded

You're right friend ... they've annexed dozens of square kilometers for security, or settlement. Dozens I tell ya!
 Quoting: Woot Woot

They've also caused the first two major European revolutions and wars, caused two world wars, led to Nazism, Communism, Corporatist Fascism, the destruction of social order, the implosion of the third-world into US-backed socialist Hell holes and now they're working on mass-murdering Iranians for the crime of having a government that doesn't think much of Israel's Nazi policies.

 Quoting: SoCuteYourHeadAsploded

The only persons who are gonna get clipped are the mullahs and the mindless minions that follow them. What happens to the rest of the Iranian populace is entirely up to them.

Fucktard? You must me talking into the mirror.

Learn what you just spewed in a classroom, or an OWS indoctrination lecture?

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