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Message Subject IBEX shows interstellar wind flowing from the same location as Ophiuchus Serpentarius (13th Zodiac)
Poster Handle Plasmare
Post Content
I thought that was the direction our Solar System was heading, the nose so to speak, and thus the highest wind in our face.
 Quoting: Aquarius58

I'm not sure about that, however the supernova in the past would have carved out a tunnel as it traveled towards us over the 20+ light years, if we are headed in the same direction. Therefore changing the galactic environment we travel through, allowing us to move through the surrounding clouds without too much change. It would be like a laser cutting through the ocean and the ocean doesn't fill the gap very quickly, if ever, unless another supernova or stellar wind pushed more plasma in the tunnel. The supernova would have deposited the material there into our solar system.
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