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Message Subject IBEX shows interstellar wind flowing from the same location as Ophiuchus Serpentarius (13th Zodiac)
Poster Handle Plasmare
Post Content
Isn't it odd how it's a perfect fit to a missing zodiac? The exact same place the interstellar wind flows into our solar system, something no human could have known until we discovered this fact recently.

"The signs of the zodiac have roots in mythology and relate to the legend of how the 12 Olympian gods took animal shapes to flee the monster Typhon who was causing havoc on Earth."
[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Look into the myth of typhon and it's all to do with serpents and fire. Serpents and fire, makes you wonder doesn't it. People back then could only describe things they didn't know about by comparing them to things they did.

I totally forgot about this thread until I saw the IBEX image again. This is more than mere coincidence for sure. There were people in the past who made this zodiac vanish from the common person's consciousness. For what reason?
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