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Message Subject IBEX shows interstellar wind flowing from the same location as Ophiuchus Serpentarius (13th Zodiac)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
While reading this topic, it dawned on me that 2000+ years ago, the atmosphere on this planet was much more oxygenated and of course smog was irrelevant. This enabled a much clearer view of our universe.

Many things were seen and transcribed, either on paper, or stone, or metals and even wood. To get the proper explanation of what these symbols, etc., mean, we only have a few elders who can give us clues to what they mean as all ancient knowledge has been destroyed by TPTB in order to quell the truth of who we really are.

These winds coming in are heavenly and known as the photon belt. When we reach the other side of this belt we will be in heaven, or at least, heaven on Earth. As we traverse within this belt, our consciousness is being raised and awareness of truth is permeating the populace.

Liars are having a much harder time getting through to people. People's hypnotic states are being subverted by the energies pouring in. This is a great miracle from the one, true, benevolent, loving, God.

We are all a part of the oneness of all that is and the sooner the dark souls realize this and surrender to the light, the sooner we can become the galactic citizens we all are and end this matrix reality.
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