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Message Subject IBEX shows interstellar wind flowing from the same location as Ophiuchus Serpentarius (13th Zodiac)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I find it really difficult to find anything else that is of relevance other than what you have already posted. But the serpent is a give away sign that there must have been something of importance in that area to the ancients...

 Quoting: Nacht im Walde

I'm not suggesting anything else. Just that the place of the 13th zodiac and the new IBEX discovery are exactly the same. I didn't know we even had a 13th one... Something must've happened in ancient times that caused people to see filaments of plasma which they referred to as serpents and dragons. If it normally doesn't glow, something has to make it more dense in order for it to glow and be seen with our eyes. Much more denser. Perhaps a dense plasma cloud? Streaming in from the heliosphere and into our solar system, unseen and invisible for now. Pushing the heliosphere inwards and making it shrink, causing more cosmic rays to reach Earth and the magnetosphere.
 Quoting: Plasmare

Or we are talking about the Blazar or GRB that PSSZZZZ mentioned in his famous thread.
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