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Message Subject IBEX shows interstellar wind flowing from the same location as Ophiuchus Serpentarius (13th Zodiac)
Poster Handle Plasmare
Post Content
Hey, The 13th zodiac sign was created when the Chilean earthquake happend because the earth shifted off its axis. So, someone came up with the 13th sign to fit. Thats what I heard..
 Quoting: Epicbiscuit

Thats what you heard? Now doesn't that just beat all. Is that like saying I saw it an the internet therefore it must be true.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4777394

If you actually look into the 13th zodiac you'd see that originally there were 13 zodiacs and the babylonians made it into 12 for their religious beliefs and since they were a dominant civilization it was adopted by everyone else. The hindus apparently still use 13 zodiacs to this day. I'm not that interested in astrology but there is plenty of information about the subject and explain why the two different main astrology systems differ so much and why the 12 zodiac system fails after a long time compared to the 13 zodiac aka sidereal zodiac. The biggest difference is that the current 12 zodiacal system has nothing to do with the stars and constellations anymore because of the movement of our solar system.
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