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Seeking advice for home defense handgun.

Mojofabulous (OP)

User ID: 1476210
United States
02/04/2012 12:49 AM
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Re: Seeking advice for home defense handgun.

Ok, lets say I am going to get EITHER a g19 or a smith and wesson M&P:

as in this one:
[link to www.smith-wesson.com]

Is the glock better in any way than that gun? Because if they're the same and similar prices, I really like the appearance of the M&P more. BUT, if the glock is better, I'll go glock.
 Quoting: Mojofabulous

Since you are on GLP, I'll throw this out there.

Lawenforcemnt & a lot of civilians carry glocks. In a sfanscenario, there would be plenty of parts available.
 Quoting: WTF Paco

Good point. Alright guys, I'm pretty sure I've decided to either get the G19 or the M&P 9mm. I'm gonna try to find a firing range that will let me handle each of them so I can decide.

Last question and I'll let you guys go. Laser sight and or light, should I consider one for home defense? I'm kind of paranoid I'd shine the light in my eyes by accident and blind myself...
 Quoting: Mojofabulous

IF the light on your gun is shining on your face, you have bigger problems to deal with. All fun aside...

You need a light more then you need a laser. ( My opinion). Get a pressure activated button on the light so you can turn it on and off with ease.
 Quoting: WTF Paco

I meant more like reflecting off a mirror :-p
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02/04/2012 01:03 AM
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Re: Seeking advice for home defense handgun.
pistols for home defense = very weak

would honestly consider that saiga 12g
and you can never. ever go wrong with an ar platform check out noveske!

shotgun/rife>pistol for home defense

pistols are good enough to buy enough time to get to a real weapon...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6257277

Here's the thing. I want close access to my weapon but I have 3 young nieces and a nephew that visit very often. A handgun I can easily hide from them and still have quick access. It's much harder to do that with a shotgun or rifle.

I admit a shotgun is appealing but I just don't think I'm ready for that yet.
 Quoting: Mojofabulous

Ok so here's the issue about having ANY handgun around with children:
Some states it is illegal to have ANY handguns around kids under 18 unless they are locked up or have gun locks on them.
Check your state law!
No matter how you "hide" a handgun kids will find them, in Maryland last year a kid found a handgun and killed him brother and his brothers best friend and that "killer" child was only 11 years old!
If you do get a handgun, educate any kids who are in your household as to the safety of them by video that the NRA has or you can buy that old video off of eBay with "Eddie Eagle" as it is great for younger kids and pre-teens.

My suggestion would be a 1911 .45 Colt Combat Commander as this was my dad's favorite for decades. It's hard to jack a round in the chamber for kids under the age of 14 if not impossible since most kids under that age don't have the hand strength so it would reduce "accidents" even after education. And the 1911 .45 will function in the worst elements even if you let it get wet etc it will do it's job and NOT leave you holding a piece of crap that will get you killed since it WON'T misfire like many other ones that "look cool"! No bouncing off of windshields for the .45 ACP like the .38 or 9mm!!!
And remember if some child gets ahold of your handgun and kills another YOU will be held accountable by the police for it, so choose wisely!