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Message Subject What about where the bible is right? We know it's got things switched around, but what about the bablyonian prisoner, 'Daniel'
Poster Handle Soliloquy
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Agree.. short videos about the rise of Rome ..

[link to studies.itiswritten.com]

Babylon and the Bible
Author: Professor Walter J. Veith, PhD

Two hundred years ago, scholars doubted whether Babylon ever existed. The only record could be found in the Bible. Critics used the story of Babylon, and what they called its "non-historic kings," to discount Scripture. However, Babylon was discovered and excavated in 1898.

We know today that Babylon was one of the first cities in the world, and founded by Nimrod, great-grandson of Noah (Genesis 10:9-10). Archaeologists have found his name on many inscriptions and tablets, while a massive head of Nimrod has been excavated near Calah on the Tigris River.

[link to amazingdiscoveries.org]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4760021

oh so the bible's been been considered crazy about it's literal definition of history, then proved to be the only known evidence of such existence of an entity such as... babylon.

huh. imagine that.

thanks dood

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