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POLL: Israel vs Iran (Unilateral First Strike)

Home of the EF5 Tornados, Now with Beheading!

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United States
02/04/2012 06:18 PM

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POLL: Israel vs Iran (Unilateral First Strike)
POLL: Do You Support Israel Making a First Strike Against Iran?
 Hell yes! Turn Tehran into a Glow in the Dark Parking Lot / I hate Muslims / Kill 'em all!!
 No! Israel has no right to attack a sovereign nation!
 Yes! The Jewish people are chosen by God and should get special treatment
 Yes, because Iran's wacky regime is dangerous.
 No, because innocent Iranian people would be killed / Would lead to World War.
 Blank (View Results) 

The purpose of this poll is to cause readers to think through why they have the opinion that they may have at the moment.

Do you support Israel making a first strike against Iran?