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Syria Holds the KEY to WWIII

Angel Helper
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02/04/2012 09:41 PM
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Syria Holds the KEY to WWIII
This is most interesting in that this warning was prophetically right in line with what is happening today, even though it was written in the 70's and 80's. Please read this and there is more to read at the link. So unreal how things are getting too close for any comfort.

[link to www.tldm.org]

Our Lady - "Wars are a punishment for man's sins. Syria holds the key to peace at this time. However, I place in front of you, My children, a graphic picture for you to understand. It will be a parable for some, and some will turn away not willing to hear what Heaven has to say in these desperate times."
Veronica - Our Lady is pointing up with Her finger, like this, to Her right side, and high above Her the sky is opening up—all the clouds are floating away and the sky is opening up and I see a map of the Mideast. And then Our Lady is pointing up farther and that's another map of China and Russia. Our Lady is turning back now: She was looking upward also.
Our Lady - "My child and My children, there are scoffers who will say there shall not be a Third World War. They do not know and cannot conceive of the plan of the Eternal Father. Be it known now that the Father has great heart for all His children, but when the sin reaches a peak only known to the Father the amount of sin among mankind, then the Father will take action." - May 28, 1983

Our Lady - "O My children, I warned you many years ago, I warned you in Fatima that, unless you prayed and did penance, Russia and the agents of the sickle and the hammer would go throughout the world cutting down nations and bringing death, destruction, and slavery.
"And you, My country, America the beautiful, you are all-wise but stupid in management, for you have the picture of your coming destruction right before your face and you refuse to look." - April 2, 1977

Veronica - . . . Our Lady now is looking down sadly. And I see She's pointing now to what looks like a map. Oh, my!
Now as I am watching—it's a map of... oh, I can see Jerusalem, and Egypt, Arabia, French Morocco, Africa. Oh, my goodness! There seems to be a very dense darkness now settling upon those countries. Oh, my!
And Our Lady is saying:
Our Lady - "The start of the Third World War, My child." - March 29, 1975

Veronica - And oh, oh! And over by the top of the steeple, I see Saint Francis over there, by--over the top of the church there's Saint Francis. Oh, and he's picking up this bird; He's holding the bird in his hand, the bird. The bird looks like it might have died; its very limp. And Saint Francis now is placing his hand over the bird. No, it's sitting up in Saint Francis' hand, and Saint Francis is pointing over, over to the right side. He wants me to look over the right side.
He--oh, I see. He's pointing over, and over the right side is a map. And he said peace also will be denied the areas shown. Oh, dear! I can see Egypt, and I see, oh, Asia. Oh, I see a lot of people there; they're all marching. They look like, kind of like Chinese . . . Chinese. And oh, they're getting ready for war. They've got all these tanks . . . all these tanks. And they're all marching, the armies; there's a whole lot of them. There's so many of them! Many of them look like young children, but there's so many of them. Oh! And Our Lady said:
Our Lady - "They are gathering their strength."
Veronica - I know that's China, and all these kind of--I guess yellow countries. Our Lady's placing--She's writing "Y-E-L-L-O-W" on the top, right over the map there. And oh, it looks like they're getting ready for an awful war or something. They're--oh, yes, they're all marching. Oh, oh. They're all dressed alike; they're very, very . . . Oh, there's women, too. There's women, too, that are marching with them, and the girls--the girls look very young; they look very young.
Oh! Oh! Oh, now over them I see--oh-h . . . oh, it's Russia! I see Russia now is talking. Oh, they're at a big desk, a rather large desk. And that . . . umh! At the desk I can see . . . I know he's Russian. But sitting next to him . . . looks like someone I have seen before, like . . . I don't know . . . looks almost like Mr. Kissinger . . . I don't know. But he's sitting at the desk also, and it looks like they're planning; they're talking about . . . arms or support. I think there's going to be something going on. And Russia is going to . . . I think it sounds like they're going to fight. They're going to fight-oh, it's Egypt. I think they're going to go to war against Egypt and Africa. And--oh! And then Our Lady said:
Our Lady - "Gathering at Palestine. Gathering at Palestine." - May 30, 1973

Our Lady - "Wars are a punishment for man's sins. Already your sons are being sent to be there with the invasion in the Mideast. Is this what you want, My children? Can you not give your prayers and acts of reparation for those who have no one to pray for them? They are all Our sheep and We wish that they would be gathered into a holy land. The word 'holy' strikes a chord of misery, My child; I have no way to explain but to tell you, misery." - May 25, 1983

Veronica - There is a great war ahead. It will coincide with the war in the Mideast. - February 17, 1974

Directives from Heaven . . .

D57 - The Great WW III Chastisement (Part 1) PDF Logo PDF
Live and let live, for we all have our own lessons to learn.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/05/2012 02:59 AM
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Re: Syria Holds the KEY to WWIII
Angel Helper (OP)

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United States
10/05/2012 03:11 AM
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Re: Syria Holds the KEY to WWIII
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 844118

I forgot about this old post. But it is pretty right on and informative.
Live and let live, for we all have our own lessons to learn.