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Message Subject Most Dangerous Time for Strong Earthquakes in 2012, Super Full Moon, Alignment of Earth-Sun-Jupiter, Venus Transit, Solar Eclipse over USA & JP
Poster Handle Rain-Man
Post Content
Strong volcano expected in this dangerous two months, we will see some strong eruption worldwide ..

We had small 15 EQ's OREGON in last 4 hours, Clear Leak south from Mount Hood stratovolcano ..

[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

M 2.9 indicate possibility for stronger activity there ..

MAP 2.9 2012/04/08 17:16:27 45.183 -121.703 Depth 6.3 27 km ( 17 mi) WNW of Pine Grove, OR

[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

[link to s1206.photobucket.com]

[link to www.portland-financial-planning-advisor.com]

[link to www.ess.washington.edu]

Clear Leak EQ's swarm is around 20 km south from stratovolcano Mont Hood 11,249 feet height ..

Since 1950, there have been several earthquake swarms each year at Mount Hood, most notably in July 1980 and June 2002. Seismic activity is monitored by the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory located in Vancouver, Washington, which issues weekly updates (or daily updates when significant eruptive activity is occurring at a Cascades volcano ..

The eroded volcano has had at least four major eruptive periods during the past 15,000 years.

The last three at Mount Hood occurred within the past 1,800 years from vents high on the southwest flank and produced deposits that were distributed primarily to the south and west along the Sandy and Zigzag Rivers. The last eruptive period took place around 170 to 220 years ago, when dacitic lava domes, pyroclastic flows and mudflows were produced without major explosive eruptions.

The prominent Crater Rock just below the summit is hypothesized to be the remains of one of these now-eroded domes. This period includes the last major eruption of 178182 with a slightly more recent episode ending shortly before the arrival of Lewis and Clark in 1805. The latest minor eruptive event occurred in August 1907.[15]

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Most vulnerable nuclear plant worldwide, especially in next 2 months ..

Thread: Southern California San Onofre Nuclear Plant "can withstand up to 7.0 quake and a 25-foot tsunami wall ", Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant
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