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Message Subject Most Dangerous Time for Strong Earthquakes in 2012, Super Full Moon, Alignment of Earth-Sun-Jupiter, Venus Transit, Solar Eclipse over USA & JP
Poster Handle Rain-Man
Post Content
Place which separates South America from Antarctica ..

Drake Passage, Southern Ocean.
Magnitude: 6.6
Depth: 33 km
Tsunamigenic: Not available

Date and Time
UTC: 14 April 2012 @ 10:56:21
AEST: 14 April 2012 @ 20:56:21

Coordinates: -57.600, -65.600

[link to www.ga.gov.au]

Think coming stronger activity and one probably stronger from M 7.2 + in next hours days (2-3 days) ..

Possible locations are the same and already posted in this thread, Off Coast Fukushima is dangerous location for stronger activity ..

We have alignment of Sun-Earth-Saturn April 16, in next 3 days ..

As the ringed planet will be at opposition this weekend, making its closest approach to Earth on April 15, 2012.

[link to www.universetoday.com]
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