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Message Subject Most Dangerous Time for Strong Earthquakes in 2012, Super Full Moon, Alignment of Earth-Sun-Jupiter, Venus Transit, Solar Eclipse over USA & JP
Poster Handle Rain-Man
Post Content
April 11th, 2012 - Nuclear Expert Arnie Gundersen:
"Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 likely to shatter or collapse onto its side in a M 7.0 quake"

Alex Smith, of Radio Ecoshock, interviews nuclear industry expert Arnie Gundersen, of Fairewinds Associates. Smith notes that the nuclear accident at Fukushima Japan is far from over as three reactors continue to meltdown. Smith adds that now there is a storm of international worry about nuclear fuel pools tottering in blown up buildings putting the whole Northern Hemisphere at risk.

According to Smith, “Arnie Gundersen, a year ago, warned us here on Radio Ecoshock, and to anybody who would listen, that a world-scale catastrophe was lurking in the nuclear fuel storage pools of both reactors Three and Four, at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan. Why is this story finally getting wider attention, a year later?”

Audio, listen this ..

[link to www.fairewinds.com]

[link to wyden.senate.gov]

[link to enenews.com]

2012-04-16 15:06:57.0 36.96 N 21.49 E 15 4.7 SOUTHERN GREECE
2012-04-16 12:02:21.0 37.11 N 21.26 E 15 4.4 SOUTHERN GREECE
2012-04-16 11:23:43.00 36.77 N 21.54 E 20 5.5 SOUTHERN GREECE
2012-04-16 10:10:46.0 39.14 N 29.14 E 5 4.7 WESTERN TURKEY

[link to www.emsc-csem.org]

Looks to me how Chile and Christchurch are dangerous also for big one ..
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