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Message Subject Most Dangerous Time for Strong Earthquakes in 2012, Super Full Moon, Alignment of Earth-Sun-Jupiter, Venus Transit, Solar Eclipse over USA & JP
Poster Handle Rain-Man
Post Content
Long time in this area or CA was no big one (20 years ago Landers California: 7.3), it's only matter of time and I think soon in next 55 (more precise 27) also we have before 14 days M 6.9 Golf of Ca ..

[link to www.infoplease.com]

[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

Earthquake Warning System Is Running in Los Angeles, But Only A Few Are Hooked Up

What if we were to tell you that L.A. has an earthquake warning system that pretty much works, but that only a few folks will get the precious alerts? It's true.

The U.S. Geological Survey's prototype "Shake Alert" system has been running since January. It can theoretically warn you as much as 90 seconds before the Big One hits. Here are the institutions that would be warned if it happened today:

In a San Andreas Big One scenario, it would be possible to get a 45 second warning in downtown Los Angeles, Jones said:

Because the epicenter could be miles away along the San Andreas fault -- say in the Salton Sea -- we could find out that a quake is happening before it reaches us, essentially.

So it's not a prediction. It's an alarm indicating that a groundswell has started and is on its way.

[link to blogs.laweekly.com]

[link to www.usgs.gov]

[link to www.seismicwarning.com]

[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

[link to abclocal.go.com]

[link to www.seismicwarning.com]

[link to www.crewsnet.org]

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