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Obama could alter stance of federal appeals courts

Ballin' on Welfare
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United States
02/06/2012 11:05 AM
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Obama could alter stance of federal appeals courts
[link to news.yahoo.com]

WASHINGTON (AP) A second term for President Barack Obama would allow him to expand his replacement of Republican-appointed majorities with Democratic ones on the nation's appeals courts, the final stop for almost all challenged federal court rulings.

Despite his slow start in nominating judges and Republican delays in Senate confirmations, Obama has still managed to alter the balance of power on four of the nation's 13 circuit courts of appeals. Given a second term, Obama could have the chance to install Democratic majorities on several others.

Obama's picks have yet to surprise anyone with their decisions, said Levey, head of the conservative interest group. "So Obama's liberal critics can rest assured that if he's re-elected, his transformation of the appeals courts will make a big difference in the law."

Excellent, now he can get by even easier with his controversal presidency.

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