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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Rethuglicans and Democrats are mixed in all over geographically, unlike the Civil War, where there was a pretty sharp division between North and South. Also, there is no overweening issue such as slavery infuriating people.
Ain't happening anytime soon.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10285242

The division is now ideological. Not based on a singular issue or policy. It's between 3 and 5 opposing view points and 3 of those are mutually exclusive to each other.

1. The Socialist/Fascist (National Socialist, Communist, Progressive Democrats, Neo-Cons) Supreme authority of the State in the lives of its citizens, little to no deviation from the centrally planned guidelines. Maximum control over society, with limited allowance for individual choice in social or economic matters.

2. The Loyalists (Left). Support the semi-omnipotent power of a central authority to secure the basic needs of citizens at any and all cost.

3. The Moderates (Centrist). Support limited power of the State, with the sway of power held bending towards authority.

4. The Loyalists (Right) Support the semi-omnipotent power of a central authority to secure the property and wealth of its citizens, whatever the cost.

5. The Libertarians (AnCap, Sovereign and others) Support individual Liberty and Freedom, with little or no authority given to the State. Little to no 'safety net' or regulation of personal decisions. The State is relegated to matters of international policy with a bent towards non-interventionism and isolationism.

Now most people will fall somewhere between these stereotypes. That's a given. The problem is, right now you've got more and more people that are swinging to the extremes. Myself included.

When it comes to a Central Government this is the breakdown:
#1 and #5 are mutually exclusive. #3 can cohabitate with #2 and #4 but will not survive in #1 and #5's environments. Nor will #2 survive #4 or vice versa. And God help anyone from #2, #3 or #4 get caught under #1 or #5 against their will.

I'm well aware of the false left/right paradigm but I used that as an example in the degrees above. It's easier to read than a web would have been.

Since we are less and less willing to compromise our ideals, especially when the perceived destruction of our respective ways of life is omnipresent, the chance for an escalation of violence to take place is conceivable, if not down right inevitable.

Take me for example. I used to fall somewhere between #1 and #2. Now I'm staunchly in the #5 category. I don't see a way to exist living under the rule of #1, #2, #3 or #4. Why don't I? 'Cause no matter what you've got some politician stealing your labor while pointing a rifle at your face. See there, that's called tyranny where I'm from. So how in the Hell am I supposed to make a living? If every where I turn I'm losing my labor to people who continuously seek to take more and more of it, and losing the freedom of choice in all things that don't conform to what the State thinks is best for me, what makes it acceptable to exist under a system that has proven itself to be antagonistic towards my very existence?

That's just my view point. The opposite holds true for many as well, and that's fine. We'll see whose side has more...heart, if you will. And then, you've got the huge middle section that thinks that all of us on the Fringe are fucking nutz and should be locked away.

America was a wonderful experiment. It was a truly great nation, but the ravages of corruption and apathy have weakened her to the point of collapse. The divisions among it's citizens will not be assuaged by the ballot box, for no matter who wins, the rest get screwed out of something. Couple that (the political) with the escalation in racial tension and you have yourselves a 21st century Yugoslavia. Without the national memory of widespread violence, many will fail to see the warning signs until it's too late.

At this point, Balkanization is inevitable. There's too much damage done to the connective tissue, and not enough will to heal whats broken.

I would like nothing more than to believe that an answer to our predicament will appear. However, I'm not naive enough to believe that pretty words and appeasement will do anything more than postpone the coming conflagration.

War is coming, like it or not. Just remember: Even in War there is Honor. Let's try not to remake the Hutus V. Tutsis here, ok?

(and the disclaimer: I, the author, neither endorse, nor consent to the use of violence to affect political change. Nor would I knowingly agree to, nor participate, in said violence for any other reason except that which is defined as 'Legal and Lawful Defense of Self' pursuant to the pertaining Federal, State and Local laws, codes, and statutes. This post was meant to be purely educational in respect to the difficulties our country faces, and should in no way be construed as subversive, terroristic, seditious, threatening, treasonous, possessing of ill temper, anti-social, or inflammatory rhetoric.)
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