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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I had an interesting talk with my father in law a few days ago. He is retired from the federal government and held a fairly high ranking position in the defense department. He initiated the conversation about getting prepared for unrest in the near future. He is a real steady guy and this kind of shook me up as he had never mentioned anything about "prepping". He want to get some weapons and start to stockpile food. I already do this in case of emergencies such as Ice Storms etc. I have a few months on hand but he is talking about major supplies. He is convinced that there will be a Civil War. He still has some contacts and he told me in a round about way that there are several high ranking officers in the military that are preparing.

I do not know how we will even pick sides? will it be North vs South, Lib vs Conservative, Racial, Religious or regional. Here in the Midwest ( I am in Oklahoma ) people are starting to get upset about some decisions being amde in Washington.

The Pipeline issue is really big people here want the Keystone XL to be built. The one that was just built called transCanada crosses our land. They did find some steel that was substandard in the joints that connected it as it ran under the road and into our pasture. This was determined during the pressure checks. They had to come out and replace the J tubing. The sub contrator that made the pipe used the wrong material ( the foreman said he did not know where it came from but suspected an overseas supplier ).

So what do you think. My father in law is convinced that is is going to happen. I do NOT KNOW WHO'S UNCLE HE TALKED TO so uncletards lay off.
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