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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle DallasDog
Post Content
I'm wondering what a modern day civil war in the US would look like?

How would it happen? What would happen? How would it effect the average citizen? Would we all be taking up guns and aiming them at family and friends with differing opinions?

Would the righty's kill the lefty's?

Instead of using guns would hackers attack the govn't websites, leak info and possibly hack other tactical targets such has power plants, water systems, rail.. etc.

Would some giant corporation step in and form it's own govn't?

Would there be martial law, and if so.. do you think some our own military soldiers would defect and defend whatever side they choose?

Would there be an Eeastern US and Western US or possibly even more... the Southern states, the NorthEastern States..etc.

I know it's pretty bleak but just something I've been thinking about for a while and I'm wondering what others are thinking?

Is a civil war even possible in the United States this day and age?

Thoughts? Opinions?
 Quoting: Artlicious

You're off by a year or two, but you're not wrong

It's inevitable as the federal government runs out of money to to enforce its mandates and the different regional areas break apart to pursue their increasingly different paths

Just like Russia after the breakup of the USSR, just as we are soon to see in Europe

No matter how noble the goal, it is very difficult to coble together a vast geographic area under a single economic union. Actually, the United States was one of the most successful experiments in that regard

However, the problem is that all large centralized governments act as a centrifuge

Large central governments continue to grow until they increasingly suck in assets and monies of the member regions and return very little in value.

Instead of using that money in a productive manner there soon emerges a super class of bureaucrats and embedded interests who find a way to hold onto that money for "administrative" costs. It doesn't matter which party is involved, the evolution is inevitable unless the citizenry is disciplined and armed with razor blades to slash away yearly at corruptions, unncessary entitlements and waste.

Eventually administrative costs make the system top heavy, and the system collapses, no matter how noble some of the goals may have been

This is why I moved to where I live now. States will experience very different paths dependingon their income, resources and export prospects

In the USSR, the most successful and prosperous breakway provinces were the energy rich regions.

Same here.

Think about it and plan accordingly
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