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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle ApakalypsetemplaR
Post Content
They just approved the use of tens of thousands of drones. Civil war? Pretty sure they've nipped that in the bud.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1159235

even drones can be defeated.personally I sincerely hope there is not another civil war in america,and it wouldnt be civil anyway but decidely uncivil.If anything I see maybe a 2nd american revolution if anything.Lots of people getting sick of the politicians right and left these days.Gen martin dempsey saying there is no need for us to go into iran yet the politicians saying we gotta go to another war.The thing I feel most likely might happen is a military coup,but like I said thoose scenarios are doubtfull....

nothing to see here folks it is all just a dream,go back to sleep and be good little boys and girls........
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