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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle Cayce Pryhs
Post Content
Fast and Furious, the U.N Small Arms Treaty,extra-constitutional legislation, lining the pockets of union members (at tax payer's expense) in exchange for unquestioning support, financing fraudulent green energy "projects" with taxpayer funds, seeking the U.N's blessing to go to war without consulting the U.S. congress, killing keystone - all are deliberate efforts by the
government to deprive Americans of their unalienable rights. This government has chosen to pass unjust laws, contrary to the consent of the governed, and in so doing it has become despotic. The actions of this administration have divided Americans along racial lines; the government and state media subject regular Americans to vicious ridicule for our patriotism, love of the flag, and our brother and sister countrymen. They seek to reduce the most productive among us to servitude, taking wealth from those who earned it and giving it to dependent and slothful takers in exchange for their continued support in the voting booth. Our founders like Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin are objects of ridicule and hatred. The new American heros are Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Derrick Bell, and Tony Resko. Barack Hussein Obama's political agenda is one of vindictive and malignant racial nationalism. He is a tyrant and his actions constitute treason. Brothers and sisters, if we as Americans truely wish to hold on to our country, we have a duty to throw off this tyrant and to fight this evil regime until it is defeated.
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