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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle Videobarbs
Post Content
We've been so innoculated with shots, airborne chemtrail mist, fluoride in our water and GMO foods that our will to fight even a house fly has been greatly reduced. Doesn't anyone else notice the passivity of the populace. I was at a deli the other day and the server was so stoned it was unbelievable.
So, civil war 2012 America? Ain't gonna happen even those who'd like to creat a "burn baby burn" out of the Zimmerman/Martin situation.
On the other hand,it's interesting to note the aggression of our troops over in Afghanistan. I think some of the shots they get before deployment boost their aggression, but no one will admit it.
The problem is after they get home, they get PTSD which is nothing more than withdrawl from the shots they got to pump them up to kill, kill, kill innocent citizens in far away lands and torture puppies.
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