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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle rightpolicy
Post Content
Most educated people like me would most likely NOT Fight.

The FIGHTERS would be more the ones who are of lower wage and those who have been struggling in life for years.

They would easily beat up people like myself who believe in
Peace NOT War.

I pray we don't face this in our lifetime.

It is very sad to see our President at every turn create the RACE WAR... and INCOME WAR...

He is gaining power daily with the useage of Executive Power/ Orders.

I pray for PEACE.... Calm...

Make Love NOT War!
 Quoting: Aruna from the Starts

Yes, university has dumbed you down to the point where you do not have the most important tenant of intelligence; self survival. I only pray I have enough bullets to shoot through your type who will be in the way, before shooting the bad guys.
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