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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Two questions that have always bothered me when it comes to this subject:

1) WHY exactly would you want to start a civil war within the USA?
Okay, your economy is running shittyT, and you have only two political parties to choose from, but... isnt it the case, that when you put some effort into it: you are able to get a job, a house, enough food to feed your family, the right to own a gun, the freedom to say what you want in the USA: its not like you are living in North Korea or Ethiopia or something....

2) The fact that 'Internet warriors' on sites like these are complaining since the beginning of the Internet, about 'revolution' and 'taking back america' using the same tired old faux-arguments, while at the same time they are ALLOWED and have the opportunity to PAY for this 'digital whining' shows there is simply no reason to start a civil war in the USA.

Think about it.
 Quoting: Riverman 1487773

SO using your logic, it would be ok, if I owned your ass, and every dollar you earned was paid to me, as long as you have food, tv, electricity etc.? But that's ok, because you will comfortable in your slavery to me?

It's called freedom dipshit, not just a little, or maybe some freedom, but total and complete freedom.

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