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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OK, first off, I realize that many on here work for the government in order to get paid for spreading propaganda.

With that being said, it is not the American People who want revolution, but it is the fact that our nation is being destroyed by design. I came to this conclusion after asking myself the following question, what if my desire was to destroy America, and all her freedoms. What if America would have stood in the way of A world government, or a world currency? How would I take her down. I would destroy her from within.

If I wanted america to fail, I would:

Number one give the country to the Federal Reserve!
Run trade deficits for over 30 years.
export all the jobs over seas
let big companies like GE, Exxon and banks pay no taxes
I would destroy the dollar through the printing of money
I would have boarders I would refuse to enforce
I would bankrupt the states.
I would become the biggest debtor nation in the history of mankind.
I would seek treatments instead of cures.
I would kill all innovations, drive instead of fly etc.
I would regulate everything
I would tax everything that moves.
I would make banking the nations biggest industry
I would put 40,000,000 / 40 million people on the government take, either directly employed or contracted by government
I would prefer wall street over main street
I would let computers perform all the trades on Wall Street
I would make the federal reserve the largest purchaser of treasuries
I would call attacking foreign nations fighting for freedom
I would pretend to hold free elections, but actually they would be rigged.
I would create a police state that was harder to get out of then to get into.
I would create the largest prison population per capita on earth.
I would teach my citizens to do nothing but shop, borrow, and spend.
I would string everyone out on pharmaceutical drugs and narcotics all legal of coarse.
I would provide illegal drugs for those too poor to afford the legal ones
I would pretend that gambling, things like lotteries, and casinos were places to get rich.
I would remove all religion, and make government a religion
I would destroy the food source and contaminate it with GMO's.
I would destroy fresh water with fracking and drilling and contamination, then charge people for the privledge
I would arrest anyone trying to grow their own food, catch rain water, or milk a cow
I would hand over guns to the drug cartels.
I would have my banks launder their money through the drug cartels.
I would have my soldiers guard the poppy fields in Afghanistan then wage war on the streets of America once it gets here
I would create a welfare state, and put everyone on the take.
I would create a system called social security and then take the money
I would make government the largest holder of private housing in the United States through Fannie, and Freddie
I would create a fake stock market held up on a continuous form of money injection
I would downsize everthing, especially industry such as steel, coal, etc.
I would create man made global warming even though every planet in our solar system is currently going through climate change
I would put a gadget in everyones hands for entertainment, and allow only technology that would brainwash or enslave and track their every move.
I would put a computer chip in everyones car that would allow me to track it's every move
I would create the worlds largest big borther data base logging every key stroke of every "free"citzen in the United States.
I would have the worlds largest military in the world, in fact America accounts for almost 48% of the entire worlds military
I would reward broken families, the more broken, the more payouts you receive
I would have a nation of laws ruled by outlaws.
I would make one generation fight fascism, and then turn around and make their children pay for fascism in America.
I would take from those in only in the middle and give only to those on top, and on the bottom
I would take land, any land I wanted, and call it emminant domain
I would make people think they own things, but from birth to death, make them pay for the right to own it
I would create schools for indoctorination, and federalize the entire system from sea to shinning sea
I would subsidize college through loans until college was no longer affordable and those graduating were doing so into financial slavery
I would replace real jobs with service sector jobs, want a job at Mcdonalds?
I would Create a health care plan that was tied directly to the IRS, if you don't get health care and report it, pay a fine do the Federal Reserve
I would create a forced health care plan that would exempt business I preffered with exemptions, and all those in congress that actually passed it would be exempt
I would have 30,000 predator drones.
I would have TSA fondle granny, feel up Miss America and liitle children.
I would create no fly lists.
I would create a collection agency that could take everything you have with the point of a finger.
I would call everything truthful a conspiracy
I would put anyone patriotic on a terrorist watch list
I would create a boogy man so that my population would live in fear
I would start wars without congressional approval
I would have tons of secret societies, secret meetings, and secret dealings
I would make one family in paticular above the law, above audit, and above question. THe families of the Federal Reserve
I would make anyone protesting look idiotic, teaparty, occupy, anonymous, truthers, birthers, call them names
I would put returning veterans who fought over seas on terrorist watch lists
I would put supporters of candidates I didn't like on watch lists
I would harass anyone speaking out
I would control the internet if not with sopa then with crispa
I would outlaw privacy
I would outlaw the constitution.
I would force people to buy something from private individuals.
I would make the Federal Reserve all powerful
I would do away with the freedom of speech.
I would create the NSAA and have people disappear that spoke out.
I would use predator drones to assassinate American Citizens.
I would create a system of fear, fear the government, fear us, fear the unknown.
I would make our nation hated around the world by other nations.
I would give the United Nations powers over our government.
I would give billions in foreign aid to countries that hate us.
I would create a tax code so complex that 25 tax firms all doing the same return all come up with a different amount owed.
I would hand over the media to giant corporations making watch dogs, lapdogs.
I would assassinate those who speak out.
I would put servalience cameras on every street corner, and in every store.
I would do whatever the fuck I wanted to do, and call it LAW!
I would turn the police into a paramilitary force.
I would try to disarm the citizens.
I would divide, gay, straight christian, muslim, democrat, republican, tall, short, black white, etc. etc.
I would tell everyone that wanted to change it to get out and vote, as if no one was voting while all the above took place
I would in short keep doing exactly what we are doing now.

That is, if I wanted to destroy the country.

SO you see, it is not crazy people asking themselves when will they start the revolution, it's the government pushing people to a breaking point to where they feel like they are completely out of options. No house, jobs, freedoms, etc. It's not by accident, and everything they are doing now is to protect their illegal occupation from the people wanting their freedoms back.
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