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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle Future Viewer
Post Content
Jmo, but here is my take...

I'm wondering what a modern day civil war in the US would look like?

How would it happen? What would happen? How would it effect the average citizen? Would we all be taking up guns and aiming them at family and friends with differing opinions?

The military would slpit as many would not listen to the orders of turning guns on citizens and would want to end the corruption, etc.

Would the righty's kill the lefty's?
I do not think it would be righty's vs lefty's, but more like those who know and understand what is going on vs those that do not. Most people would lean towards the side they thought was right or the side they think will win.

Instead of using guns would hackers attack the govn't websites, leak info and possibly hack other tactical targets such has power plants, water systems, rail.. etc.

HAckers would not be bale to attack websites as you suggest, government sites and info do not work like this. They could shut down sites with ddos etc as was done recently, but leaking info through their own sites would not occur.

Power plants, water, food, etc would be targeted by both sides depending on who and how each side could gain from it.

Would some giant corporation step in and form it's own govn't?

I would expect more local and state governments trying to grab power more than some corporation, but many corporations would back this idea. I would not expect some privitzed corporation to attempt large scale national power, like a ceasar or anything.

Would there be martial law, and if so.. do you think some our own military soldiers would defect and defend whatever side they choose?

Oy yea, martial law would be instant in order to try and topple the attempted coup. Yes, I believe soldiers to defend and switch sides as I already stated above.

Would there be an Eeastern US and Western US or possibly even more... the Southern states, the NorthEastern States..etc.

This would be a great possibility. Some states would bond together based on power and interest.

I know it's pretty bleak but just something I've been thinking about for a while and I'm wondering what others are thinking?

Is a civil war even possible in the United States this day and age?
Yes, I beleive it is possible and closer than many citizens think, but not close as in this year or anything.

Once again, just my 2 cents.

Thoughts? Opinions?
 Quoting: Artlicious

 Quoting: Patrick Bateman

Sorry Patrick!, it ain't going to happen!, All "TPTB" have to do is take out the "Biological DNA Targeted Weapons" and its game over, tilt. (with many dead and passed on) And they have perfected (B.D.T.W.) them already! Its the perfect way to win any "Civil War", however, probably be some people targeted for their arrogancy and lying'hood. (many who work for USDOJ as top officials, that Besmirch/Slander and utilize Federal Cases for "Political and Career" Gains/Moves of "Federal Officials". And if "TPTB" wanted to keep some individuals alive, perhaps they can give an antidote to the upcoming "B.D.T.W." (before it happens).

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