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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle psyoptics
Post Content
rofl, civil war in the modern usa. ok, sure. the big problem with the idea is all our "cannon fodder" for either side would have skip home to play farmville on FB, and/or watch "american idol", "dancing with the stars", or similar pursuits. now, if you had said virtual civil war in say "HALO" scenarios on their x-box, then you have a possibility
 Quoting: filo farnsworth spinning 9982577

LOL ... good point.. that's why I'm wondering if such a thing would even be possible in today's world..
 Quoting: Artlicious

keep in mind a government or TPTB can control a civil war...what they can not control is a revolution.
knock out the power grid.
take away all public ass't and now your ROF and LOL comment is quite silly. no internet, no computer...now what.
lots of anger to be directed somewhere!
see. TPTB have been getting ready for just this.
MSM playing up racial issue has not be for ratings.

look around. this is being played like a good game of chess.
your move!

the only thing we can do is not fall for it when the $H!# hits the fan.

i am still behind this thought!

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