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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle Future Viewer
Post Content
Civil War? How about complete societal collapse?

Imagine a country without welfare, no value in currency, incapable of growing or manufacturing anything.

No television, no running water, no electricity.

No gas in your car, no communication from facebook, twitter, the mail services; nothing.

Imagine your life without a fire department, a police department, a transportation department, etc.

This isn't a Civil War we will be fighting, it will be a Survival War.

How's your aim? Got any food stores? Have anything to barter? Do you have seeds and know how to garden? Do you have books to educate your fellow man with? Would you be willing to share?
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So a combination of "Mad Max" and "Helter Skelter", that would be quite interesting, but need be, I do believe "TPTB" have a solution for this like a "Wag the dogs tail Event" or as some would say a "False Flag Incident", something big, bigger than 9-11, a lot bigger than 9-11, why of course a "Biological Incident" that will kill many Sheeple (Masses), that's whats needed! And I'm sure "TPTB" have it picked out already on "American Soil", why of course "The Long Island/NY metro area" , perfect to isolate, quarantine, and seperate and rid of the largest "Entitlement/Welfare People of the U.S.A.", its the perfect plan!

Why of course 9-11, was just the appetizer for the NY vicinity. But I do believe a few events will take place before this happens, all worked out by "Think Tanks", probably "Rounding up of select People" 1st, or "Moving of Select People via Job Offers" (that's the front door excuse, but back door reason would be "Rounding up and Relocation of Select People" and then the incident/event, brought up by "Martial Law", "Military", "FEMA", "Population Relocation", "Massive Deaths/Kill Event", "Crematories", "Police", "National Guard", "DHS", and "DOT" and a few other alphabet agencies involved in the mix. This is the "New New World Order" and "TPTB" are getting quite impatient with it, as its probably just right around the corner with this happening. Most likely a major major "Biological Incident", and I also believe this was worked out 66+ years ago with FDR, and "The Levitts" (who started Levittown, NY, Alfred and William, which started Suburbia Long Island/NY metro area, and I believe with 100% they were Kapo jewish people).

Long Island/NY metro the perfect area to isolate, quarantine, and seperate from "Mainland of the USA", just too perfect to happen, as almost like 'Planned", many many years ago (66+ years ago).

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