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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle Future Viewer
Post Content
There will be an EMP event, solar event, meteor event, or global war before a US Civil War. Who has the firepower to go up against the federal government with all their DARPA technology at their disposal as well as the National Guard Units etc etc. ? Moreover, by and large, we are a sick, addicted, and out of shape population. That doesn't translate well into effective fighters. Forget about a civil war. Ain't going to happen.
 Quoting: ACME Man 503869


Probably so, with GMO foods, and bad air, bad environment, bad water, the population is too drugged and comatose. And any new Technology (War/Military/Surveillance/Crowd/Population/Sheeple Masses Control) "Uncle Scam/Uncle Sham w/Uncle Boris" takes from inventors, if it can be used in any way, but I do believe "TPTB" is getting tired of supporting "Useless Eaters" and "Welfare/Entitlement Crap", as it has gotten to the "breaking point" with both "Projects/Ghettos/Hoods" and "Prisons". And that was 9/11 as to be a breaking point with the "Support" of such things as Prisons/Entitlement/Welfare People, that have literally busted and broke the System.

Now its time for "TPTB" to start cleaning up the mess, and move towards a more "Technological Society", instead of wasting Moneys (Tax) on useless Social Programs.

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