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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle Future Viewer
Post Content
Civil war is no longer possible in the U.S. because, in a desire for "security", the citizens allowed the government to take all the power.

In the days of the American Revolution, ragtag rebels were able to fight and defeat the greatest empire on Earth, ONLY because they were both on the same weaponry plateau.

guns, cannons, ships

Both sides had 'em, both sides could make 'em.

Now, the establishment government has control over the infrastructure, over communications, they have stealth bombers, rocket propelled grenades, bunker busters and nuclear weapons.

There is no way a citizen-based separatist group opposing the U.S. government, could compete, because they couldn't gather the resources to produce a comparable number of troops, guns, tanks, satellites, stealth bombers or nuclear weapons.
American Civil War Pt. 2: Electric Bugaloo, is a fantasy scenario.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1526634

Yes there is a way to have a civil war.....

Its for people everywhere in the USA to stay home, don't pay taxes....just have a massive sit out...Nothing runs, no trains, planes, buses, and taxis....

The country would totally shut down.....

That is a civil war where nobody kills anyone, unless the government comes barging into your own home.....

Sends a clear message to the lawmakers, who is in charge...
 Quoting: HisEyesRopen


Never work for 2 reasons:

#1 Golden Rule, those who own the Gold Rule!

#2 "Men live lives of quiet desperation" and most Sheeple (Masses) will always work for the "Top (Hidden and Invisible) Bankers" for the Money" for Support of themselves and their families.

"Isn't it always about the money??" (Just ask any crooked Federal Judge and Federal Prosecutor)(who usurp Federal Laws given to an U.S. Citizens and break reserved U.S. Constitutional Laws and "besmirch/slander defendants" in the MSM News, and Federal Judges and Federal Prosecutors who act in cahoots and collateral for "Political and Career Advancements of up and coming Federal Prosecutors, even at the expense of lying on the "Constitution afforded to U.S. Defendants") and when defendants beat the Feds out at their own game, can't mention a thing about it! (Ain't that something!).

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