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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle sick and tired
Post Content
It would break down along racial lines with the current govt. backing the people who are the problem, blacks.Blacks are running wild assaulting,raping and robbing blacks and whites alike.These numbnuts like sharpton and jackson stir the pot for there own personal gain, claiming victimization and laying the blame for black on white assaults and murders at the feet of white people,saying they`ve wronged the black man for 400 years and the chickens come home to roost!This sort of bullshit emboldens these punks and promotes a culture of racist blacks who take no responsibility for there actions.Whites have done more for blacks in the last 50 years than anyone has done for them ever.They get every advantage in society but apparently(sorry if the truth hurts)they`re just too stupid to succeed.They`re also apparently too stupid to act civilized in a modern society.I dont give a fuck what you say,the fact is most blacks are fucking parasites and theres no getting past it.The media has a agenda and doesnt report most black crimes and most black on white crimes are not prosecuted as hate crimes like they should be.If you go on sites like the smoking gun you`ll see just how much black on white crime there is everywhere,its fucking astounding!Yet still they play the victim,and they do it cause they`re fucking sleaze balls and we let them do it.If civil war comes......schemingschemingscheming
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