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Message Subject The White Race is completely alien to this planet because they ARE descendants from White Aliens
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i always knew i was special and am throwing out the medication they gave me to offset the ill effects of inbreeding and disease prone rh- blood.

now life has more meaning for me with this racist free feeling of superiority that requires zero effort just pink as a pig epidermis skin tone.

i bought this U.F.O pan flute off Ebay and will try to contact my e.t. relatives this starry evening who will immediately recognize me as one of them for my pure ivory soap bubble skin.

while i am waiting to reunite with my hulk hogan looking space brothers, i will finally grasp the hidden messages in
"the color purple", "amistad", "romper stomper" and
"american history x".

i will definately reread that turner book about the post apocalyptic lynchings.

Space Mayberry here i come.

all aboard the Intergalactic Cruise Ship with
L.L.Bean Retail outlets
Kombucha Vending machines
Curling on the top deck
and Unionized Waiters in LiederHosen with klingon accents
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