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Message Subject The White Race is completely alien to this planet because they ARE descendants from White Aliens
Poster Handle BossBattles
Post Content
The funny thing about racial pride is that we are like players in an MMO.
One time, we're white, another time we're black, yellow, ect.

So those of you that get all upset over these theories should remember that just because you're not white in this lifetime, doesn't mean you weren't white in your previous.

Enjoy the game. Proclaim your stances and your egoic pride all ya like.
Soon enough we all die and who knows what the fuck happens after that

May as well be cool about it all and realize theres a shitload more to the whole situation.

The truth is, people kind of get along just fine. Its the dark god assholes that fuck it all up. Don't let the slavemasters change you.
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