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Message Subject The White Race is completely alien to this planet because they ARE descendants from White Aliens
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I;ll tell you where the confusion is, Jewishpeople are not white's. They are 2% and they are the elite and in control of stuff. They are using blacks as a tool to destroy white's. Both Africa and Asia are way bigger than the U.S. and Europe. Who wants to get away from who? who wants to be seperated from who? And who is the parasite leach that refuses to stay in their own fucking ugly ass country. And flocks to go harrass the other race and demands living in the white mans land. That alone speaks for itself. The answer is in the pudding. White's dont want anything to do with blacks so it is impossible that they are oppressing them. Deep down blacks know what they are but will not admit it.
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