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Message Subject <<Advancing Bird Flu-H5N1...Now following MERS and Ebola approaching PANDEMICS>>>
Poster Handle arkay
Post Content
I have been a member of PFI [Pandemic Flu Forum] since 2006. Yes, Tamiflu resistance is now likely. We are seeing cases that get better after Tamiflu and then relapse and die quickly.

New cases in both Indonesia and Viet Nam discussed today. First:,here's a link from Dr. Niman's site Recombinomics Commentary 06:00 February 4, 2012

Suspect H5N1 Cluster In Soc Trang Vietnam

[link to www.recombinomics.com]

This in reference to a woman who died and who's husband and newborn son are in intensive care all suspect H5N1.

There's also another fatal H5N1 case today in West Java, Indonesia, accompanied by symptomatic family members. No poultry contact according to the health team that came to the village to investigate.

Indo link: [link to www.bisnis.com]

Short excerpt translated: Bandung: A Person suspect bird flu that was treated in RSHS Bandung died on Tuesday around struck 16:35.<snip>

"The patient came with the condition very ugly," said Doctor Primal Sudjana, the spokesperson the Special Medical Team of Infectious Diseases RSHS Bandung. The patient experienced failed the breath also failed the heart when being handled by the team.

The doctor team's suspicion that SA flattest the virus H5N1 was seen from the inflammation of the patient's lungs that took place fast.

 Quoting: EMA 10356431

Thank you EMA, I had a feeling that you were pretty close to the heart of things right from your first post here.

If I might respectfully comment, that your input here is not only greatly appreciated, but potentially could significantly contribute to saving many lives, and being medical, I also know that this is a genuine passion for you.

Would you please stay with us here and add all you are able.

I understand that your time will be in demand, but we are reaching quite a few people now and your input can spread pretty quickly through a medium such as GLP.

Again thank you so much.
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