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Message Subject <<Advancing Bird Flu-H5N1...Now following MERS and Ebola approaching PANDEMICS>>>
Poster Handle arkay
Post Content
The talk of vaccines is worrying to me.
If you choose to vaccinate please do your research first and make an informed decision.
IMO and it's only IMO, dosing up on Vit C powder is my personal choice to boost the immune system.

OP, didn't they in the last few days kill 10,000 ducks in VIC or SA due to bird flu???
 Quoting: MzTreeChick

Hi MZTREECHICK, creative name :)

Two things, the last first, I havent heard of any culls of birds here in Australia, if you could try to chase that up that would be greatly appreciated by all Im sure.

Next in response to your comments about vaccinations etc.

Now I do understand that there is a lot of talk about the pros and cons of same.

I dont need to go into that now as its actually not completely relevant, well only slightly.

Let me explain how both the Spanish flu and H5N1 bird flu actually kill their hosts.

It really isnt the bug that kills you!!

Thats right, its actually your own immune system that does all the damage which results in your death.

People with really weakened immune systems are actually the most likley people to be the survivors.

Here is what happens.

When your body sees such an alien invasion it activates your immune system, H5N1 is so alien that it causes your immune system to go into "overdrive" as it were, what then happens its the very delicate tissues in your lungs that are not able to cope with all this increase in antidodies and these tissues begin to break down.

This then allows for blood and other bodily secreations from the damaged tissuess to leak into your lungs, and eventually death comes about through the victim "drowning" in their own fluids.

A very unpleasant death.

I know that this is a very confronting senario, but there it is for what its worth.

Honestly, if this ever goes pandemic, have large supplies of dissinfectant, face masks and some method of being able to keep yourself in strict quarantine for extended periods of time.

Try to think of how that little hamlet in ??Europe or England survived the Bubonic plague by having their food and other needs delivered to a pre arranged point, and after the delivery was made the people would then go to collect it well seperated from whom ever made the delivery.

Sounds drastic, but these will be the measures we will all have to adopt if we intend to be survivors.

Vaccines take time to prepare and then mass produce and distribute and, as yet Im not aware of any for H5N1.
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