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Message Subject <<Advancing Bird Flu-H5N1...Now following MERS and Ebola approaching PANDEMICS>>>
Poster Handle arkay
Post Content
Quoting from MzTreeChick

here earlier today reminds me of a strange experience i had about two years ago.

And that is your choice, but as a mother who has a child living with the adverse effects of 'free' vaccines for 13 yrs now I would be CRAZY if I didn't advise people to make a informed decision. You have every right to take the jab, just like I have the right to not.
It's all about information. THEY know more than they are telling us, even the OP has had issues with info being changed or deleted.

As the saying goes, There is no such thing as a free lunch!

ANYTHING that effects our lives we need full disclosure. That is all I am suggestion.

I usually never bother with flu shots, but for some reason, maybe the spread of SARS was it, but I made an appointment to go to my clinic for the free flu shot.

Now having a nursing and pathology background, Im pretty familiar with needles, in a medical sense.

In pathology there are times when I have been able to draw blood and my patient hasnt even been aware of the proceedure, sometimes you just get lucky and dont hit a nerve or sensitive area.

Anyway, Im a chicken when on the other end of the needle and when I "had"? that shot I didnt feel a thing, not then nor did I have any redness or soreness nor even a puncture mark from that shot!

I know that it could be possible, but I am certain that that nurse swabbed me, and put a dressing where she had swabbed me, but the serum went down the sink, just cant be certain.
 Quoting: arkay

WOW Arkay thats a new one, usually they can't get enough stuff into us. I would say you were extraordinarily lucky in this instance.

 Quoting: MzTreeChick

Dont really know how to answer that.

Coming from a nursing background ( which my medico's are aware of!) many years ago, and I am prepared to admit that things do change, I still find it difficult to "let go" of my "Western medical training".

It may well have changed but back then well it had good credibility I guess.

I would probably still be biassed to promote that "science" and maybe put too much trust where it may no longer be appropriate.

At the end of the day, these doubts etc are always the result of our lack of trust in all the various "Authorities" that continually treat us all like idiots.

It does not surprise me at all at the almost "pandemic" misstrust with what we are told and supposed to believe on face value these days.
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