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Message Subject <<Advancing Bird Flu-H5N1...Now following MERS and Ebola approaching PANDEMICS>>>
Poster Handle anon
Post Content
op pleae i would like your oppinion taking in concideration the following
recession/deppression going around europe
drop in standard of living, people perhaps noting eating as well as they should , not able to keep warm because of fear of heating costs, wars in middle east and presant freezing temps over europe do you see a repeat of history
as most great plagues seem i think to happen when people are already weakened by the factors above
your thoughts please
 Quoting: anon 10409016

sorry I missed a lot of posts from here on so I'll try to catch up for everyone, different time zones, Im pushin zzzz's and you are all reading!!

Re your question regarding environmental influences that appear to have a cause and effect nature.

In this case I think that you have been quite observant and questioning in the way you apply your logic, but these environmental occurances really are pretty cyclic one way or another and the emergance of major pandemics that seem to correlate are simple coincidences, at least in the cases of killer flu's.

If you look back through this thread, and just look for EMA's posts and mine directly below one of hers, you will see a pretty good explaination as to how these bugs actually kill the healthiest in our communities, which of course is in complete opposition to what you would expect.

Sorry I was late with your answer.

 Quoting: arkay

no probs thank you for taking the time to answer I ll look back as you suggest , my thought was is nature taking out the weakest but as you say it seems to target the healthy very worrying
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