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Message Subject <<Advancing Bird Flu-H5N1...Now following MERS and Ebola approaching PANDEMICS>>>
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Without any undue waste of time, please contact the airline they were travelling on and do two things...

ONE) Tell them what has happened and that you are concerned, and ask if they've had any other requests for this info, on that particular flight, leave them your contact details.

They'll probably be wary of a lawsuit so put that to rest.

TWO) Im not too sure how you can do this as I'm not an American, but you should advise the CDC of your information and contact details.

Also, it might be a very good idea to suggest that your family members, all now that have been in direct contact, since their return, to place themselves into voluntary quarantine for a few days, get them to talk to their medico's and ask about these suggestions...PLEASE..

sorry, I dont want to over dramatize this but caution is better than the possible conseqences.

Again, I truely hope all will be well.
 Quoting: arkay

That is what should be done and is very civic minded, but in this day and age do you think that people would ever do that voluntarily?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1175610

Actually yes I do think that reasoning people who can appreciate the enormity and importance of a matter like this should and would do that.

What are the alternatives, sit back, wondering that maybe I could have saved thousands of lives if Id made that tiny little bit of difference.

How would your concience deal with that once an event like that got going and you began to think about it?
 Quoting: arkay

We arent talking about my conscience and what I would do, Im talking about all the thousands of airplane travellers that leave and arrive every day in Aus. and how few of them would even consider self quarentine under any circumstances.

The new normal sucks, IMHO
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1175610

Regrettably, I absolutely agree with your assessment of what may have become our "normal" behavior these days, and its not only just in matters like this.

But to stay on topic, I would like to think that the very thing that has bought about the type of symptoms that you alude to, might actually be the same ones that may provide the solution as well.

If I might explain, we are fed such a load of nothingness from a multitude of sources these days, starting with the "spin" that our politicians are constantly numbing us with and working all the way down from there.

Most TV is nothing but advertisment overdosed and seperated with predominately junk programming.

As a culture we have learnt to just pretty well ignore almost everything that does not directly impact on us in an individual sense, so weve learnt to not care, which makes your assertions absolutely right on the mark.

But, in the event of something massive and on the threshold of directly impacting on us, that same self interest kicks in pretty quick and pretty spectacularly.

Have a think about the firestorms that swept through Victoria a couple of years ago, then think about just how much people really did get interested and involved in that tradgey

Think about the millions of dollars that was so quickly forthcoming when that was all most people could constructively do to help.

I think our answers lie somewhere in that, at least that is where I really hope they lie, otherwise we will be in for a very tough lesson.

Your thoughts and observations are well founded, and its healthy to have this type of discussion on those "what if" senarios, so thanks heaps for you input, it added a slightly broader angle for us all to contemplate.

What would be good, would be for others, maybe someone qualified, to come in here with suggestions, thoughts and opinions on the types of things that we might be able to work with to help break down those resistive barriers and promote a more healthy and inquisitine approach to seeking out, and distributing valuable information.

Food for thought?"

I hope we all band together and all that sort of thing BUT the bushfires very much affected "old Australia", if heaven forbid there is a epidemic or worse, New Australia will be at the coal face, all pulling in different directions.

Go to the RCH, 7 out of 10 patient families dont speak English and uncovered women are made to feel conspicuous and uncomfortable.

As you say the news wont be much help, they are there to keep the peace and entertain, nothing more.
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