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Message Subject <<Advancing Bird Flu-H5N1...Now following MERS and Ebola approaching PANDEMICS>>>
Poster Handle arkay
Post Content
[link to www.test.oie.int]
regular updating here locations ect
 Quoting: anon 10409016

Hi Fiona,

thanks for keeping things on going while I got my downtime.

This is an excellent link and everyone who has been following the H5N1 situation would do well to bookmark this one, mainly because of is "official" nature, thus circumventing media manipulation and the various differing levels of downplaying that various governments will subject this topic to.

We have already witnessed this with West Java's response yesterday, and prior to that even here in Australia at the end of January with that massuve duck cull just outside Melbourne.
 Quoting: arkay

Welcome back hope you had a great weekend
its been pretty cold here in uk but lots of warm hot drinks of ginger tea, extra layers of clothing and its fine , would you have any information on natural ways of boosting the immune sytem in thease cold days ?
 Quoting: ANON 10553985

Well so far the weekend has been ok, pretty crap weather here in Ausrtralia, where we live in the sub-tropics, hot and humid most of the time ie 27 Celcius days, 22 nights with humidity never under about 85%, its something you do need to get used to, but it is really lovely weather, this is our wet season, so thunderstorms are the norm most afternoons for about an hour or so then it just cooks up again.

Wouldnt trade it for your weather though.

I really wouldnt be too worried about trying to boost your immune system too much...youve already read how a good immune system is probably going to be your worst enemy in the event of contracting H5N1.

Its relates to your age, and there's not much you can do about that.

If I were you, I'd be stocking up on lots of latex gloves, alcohol hand washing solutions, and fine disposable face masks..when this thing begins these will be the most important "front line" protections that you will be easily able to utilize and you wont look like a fanatic.

You shouldnt even have to act like one either, just observe a few practical hygenic principles.

After that, really what you then need to do is to put into place methods where you can order your food and other perishable supplies to be made available to you without direct contact with other people.

Keep in mind, when this bug becomes its most deadly, it will be an airborne vector, spreading from person to person by airborne particles, usually droplets from sneezing and coughting, this is why the medicos say that in general terms a metre seperation from an infected person greatly reduces the risk of infection, however, from my point of view, Id want a bit more than that, I think...

From the excellent links that you have already provided to this thread, one of the most important medical perventative directives clearly indicates that maintaining a distance from an infected person by just a metre does provide a good but not perfect amount of insulation from airbourne vectors of infection.

Hand washing is probably THE most important thing to consider as you just dont know who has handled what you are going to handle also, and that is where most of the real dangers come into play.

Aside from the "inter-personal" concerns if and when this thing decides that it is going to make a serious nuisance of itself, well I think that it'll be people like you and me and all our other aware readers that will probably take the first line of defence until our various governments wake up and replace us with better co-ordinated programs, but first up, we are the ones that will, I think be beating down the doors of our international airports till the media and the rest of our insulated and unaware communities wake up to what they are unknowingly walking in to.

We, I think will in all likely hood be the very first line of defense as we are the most informed anywhere on this topic in the world today.

And THAT is exactly why this thread and its contributors are so very important..it will be us that will spot the real beginnings of this pandemic as soon as it shows the slightest advance, because we are all so personally concerned, educated and informed and able to communicate our findings so efficiently as they appear.

This is exactly why I respect anyone who brings anything to this thread, at the time it might not seem too important but in the bigger picture...well we all know about that, dont we?

I also have a very strong and well based belief that from time to time this thread is being supplied with and guided by influences from within the CDC.

Its just a suspicion but some of the content that has appeared here has been of the highest quality we could have ever hoped for.

I sincerely that those inputs continue to persevere, they are most welcome and highly respected, probably because most of this threads readers already have a reasonable level of education, appreciation of the subject matter, so we wont be placed into any situation of panic if we do read of a certain signifcant event, but rather will react appropriately and be a useful resource to the relevant authorities that will need the type of informed resources that we can offer in the initial stages of any catastrophic event.

After all we are not fools and we do understand our enemy here, do we not?
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