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Message Subject <<Advancing Bird Flu-H5N1...Now following MERS and Ebola approaching PANDEMICS>>>
Poster Handle anon
Post Content
thank you for your reply, as you said there are some excellent recoures out there if people want to educate themselves on this matter,I do have concerns that governments appear to be dragging thier feet with this , perhaps they got burned after the 2009 pandemic scare personally I think its always better to be safe than sorry in matters of life and death,
I will do my best to continue to support this thread
as like you I feel its vital to educate as many people as possable.
It sounds nice and warm were you are , .... lucky thing
are you by the coast at all ?
Just thinking you could always go for a dip if it becomes to humid but guess you doo that already ..
On the preperation side I try to maintain a leval of dry store foods pulses rice flour ect and with the internet ordeering on line is easy although I question if that facility would still exist in a serious outbreak ...
one would hope that like you and I governments would see it as part of the system of containment ...
I had another thread re spanish flu some time back and found out that theres research going on regarding o rh neg blood type , it seems that certain
people with that blood group have developed immunity
against bubonic plague , spanish flu and aids
they have traced it back to a villiage in Derbyshire
called eyam ,
maybe then can harvest this immune defence in some way
I hope so .. you might like to look into that it sounds quite promising ....
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ps please excuse spelling not great with the keyboard
started of to old I think
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