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Message Subject <<Advancing Bird Flu-H5N1...Now following MERS and Ebola approaching PANDEMICS>>>
Poster Handle arkay
Post Content
Bird Flu Studies Can Be Published After All: WHO

SATURDAY, Feb. 18 (HealthDay News) -- Research on a mutated, more contagious form of the bird flu virus can be published in full, the World Health Organization announced Friday, despite concerns that bioterrorists could use the information to start a pandemic.

[link to news.yahoo.com]

I put this in a seperate thread and it just fell to page 3...seems they have cried wolf to many times and not many are interested anymore

After seeing this, this morning, I figure a pandemic is on the horizon and very very close...theyhave nothing to lose now...and if a major pandemic where to occur, that would solve the nuke Iran problem, the uprise in Damascus and also the worlds economic problems all in one fell swoop...hiding
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1477774


without wanting to sound much like a fatalist, I have had those sneeking thoughts too.

I guess one of the only things that I have drawn some consolation from is the fact that with a pandemic of this nature, well it just doesnt discriminate.

This would mean that even someone stupid enough to attempt to perpetrate such an incomprehensible ation could easily end up a victim also, not that these days, that would be considered all that much an impediment in certain communities, if what we are told is true, but your point is well noted.
 Quoting: arkay

Ditto, not alone in your thinkings. 1/3 of the kids on my daughters bus were sick the other week with some weird stomach flu/head cold thingy and there was still 3 weeks left in summer!!!

violin and scream for having sick kids at home.
 Quoting: MzTreeChick

Hi MzTreeChick good to see you also still checking in...

had to laugh at your reference to sick kids at home, having been a single dad...I can definately relate.

My problem is that he's over 30 now and still thinks that I have to father him...!!

Joking of course!!!

Things at the present seem to have settled a little on the "bird flu" topic, but I do wonder if it in some way is related to our close scrutiny on the subject.

The site that I usually gleen most of my "primary" information from seemed to take down their reporting fairly quickly not too long after this thread commenced..I know that sounds somewhat paranoid...but...

I will justify my suspicions on the fact that both Vietnam, West Java and of all countries Australia all significantly player down their reporting of their various incidences, and I find those inconsistencies of some note, even venturing towards concern.

I wonder whether we could expect to be appropriately advised if this menace ever did get to seriously impact into human populations, or if the only real place we will hear of it will be here on GLP and other similar sources.

These days the conventional media seem far too occupied with some political spin or other or some poor kitten stuck in a drain.

There really is no news these days, or am I missing something?
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