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Message Subject <<Advancing Bird Flu-H5N1...Now following MERS and Ebola approaching PANDEMICS>>>
Poster Handle arkay
Post Content

These days the conventional media seem far too occupied with some political spin or other or some poor kitten stuck in a drain.

There really is no news these days, or am I missing something?

 Quoting: MzTreeChick

We utilise the news to monitor the world but in a different sense. Once or twice a week we catch the msm news just to see how much THEY are distracting the masses.

eg: The current KRudd shite going on, oh no!! K Rudd said a swear... about 2yrs ago... who leaked the tape?... is he going to challenge Juliar?... So I guess this is what the news will report on whilst he is in Mexico for a week for the G20 summit. PERSONALLY, I would rather know ALL about the G20 meeting but that might be best in your other thread.

But when the news focuses on NOT news I try to find out what they are distracting from.

* Bird flu causing huge culls around world & Australia
* Fukushima - where do you start
* FluVAX causing side effects BUT keep taking it, its FREE
* Unusual weather killing people, 600 by last count in EU
* Sun tornado's, aawww so pretty, but normal sun is causing skin cancer...WTF

But no, lets focus of a man swearing at himself & a dead singer who has spent the last 20 odd yrs strung out on illegal & prescript drugs & alcohol.

Are you missing something??? Only what they want the masses to miss!

hiding Even my hubby is saying 'what are they distracting us from??? What are they not telling us???'

Very well condensed version of what I was thinking might be a case of personal paranoia.

Thanks for the reassurance :)

What really bothers me then is just WHY does it seem that nobody else is either aware of this or that they just dont care!

This is truely bewildering, and worse still how do people like us get those masses to wake up and to care.

Really the world we live in would be so much different if people were more aware of the influences that govern their lives.

This is just so hopelessly frustrating sometimes.
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