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Message Subject <<Advancing Bird Flu-H5N1...Now following MERS and Ebola approaching PANDEMICS>>>
Poster Handle arkay
Post Content
Thank you Arkay for your kind words yet again , not sure that I deserve such appraisals , your a good gentleman Arkay with a great skill in communication it is that which has kept this the going , and yes it is making a difference hf

Hi UK Anon,

As usual your words are humble and also sweet and you do deserve far more that my limited capacity to describe, can express.

I would have expected nothing less from you.

You know that we have a personal connection that grew from this thread and nothing will ever change the respect among a multitude of other emotions that I hold for you.

When I write I have the benefit to review what I wish to convey before I have to comitt my postings, so I gain a benefit.

I really dont see any special anything in that, but I appreciate your praise.

Its a nice thing to get some feedback that this thread might be making a difference.

Coming from you I will take that as a positive thing.

In recent times I have been aware that there have been quite a few threads pop up on GLP that in one way or another would attempt to travel the road of doom and gloom in regard to potential viral or biological dangers to humanity and I have to say that as I post virtually daily I might be guilty of stimulating less sensible GLP readers to see things way beyond the actual realities that we seek to stay in contact with in regared to what this thread is genuinely concerned with.

It is a matter that I have a personal conflict with, i.e. am I contributing for the benefit of the majority, or am I stimulating the lunatic fringe.

With all respect to GLP that potential possibility remains high within the possibilities available...I have constantly told myself that this web site is and has been improving in its quality for a long time and that is why I have persisted, but even in the last couple of days we have had a visit from, well someone that we would all consider not completely appropriate to our thrust here, so I continue to examine the relevance of what efforts that we all make here.

I agree with you that 99% of this thread is of value, well at least thats what I believe, but I am the most prolific poster here and I often wonder if Im wasting my time with all this.

For you to say that I am making a difference is encouraging and I thank you for that comment, but I really do wonder if that is a real reflection of what is happening here, or perhaps a kind offer of appreciation.

Having a nursing background is what drives me, and recognising the awful potential that the people of this planet might have to deal with is what motivates me to devote the time that I do in the hope that one day it just might make a difference and even perhaps save just one life.

If I can do that then my place on this planet has been justified, but that is yet to be the case so I continue to try to make that difference.

I consider myself extremely fortunate that there have been several people such as yourself and others who we all know, that have made their home here too, and in that respect this is a colabrative work that continues to be a work in progress for however long it takes our hero researchers to finally complete their works of dilligence and finally find a solution to both our viral and also our bacterial menances that claim far too many lives from our communities, families and loved ones.

I honestly believe that we as a race really are on an historical precipace and that we will see these dreams come true for all mankind.

I meerly hope that I am around long enough to hear of those final break throughs.

In the mean time though, I invite all who read this to become a part of our very special community and to add whatever they may find of interest and I also again cant offer sufficient praise to those who have been regular contributors as well as loyal readers of this thread.

Hopefully we are all here for good reasons and beneficial outcomes.

As always any thoughts directions and suggestions in addition to contributions are always highly appreciated and encouraged.

Bring it on people!

cheers to all

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