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Message Subject <<Advancing Bird Flu-H5N1...Now following MERS and Ebola approaching PANDEMICS>>>
Poster Handle arkay
Post Content
It isnt often that we are able to get much news out of Indonesia.

They seem to want to isolate themselves from the rest of the world in relation to anything to do with H5N1 avian influenza, but this next article reveals that they continue to battle with H5N1 avian influenza.

More alarmingly is the information in this article about "apparently healthy birds" from within sick flocks being rapidly removed and sold off.

When governments go down the road of secrecy and denial these are the sorts of practices that are bound to eventuate from within affected communities, most likely a result of far too little information being made available because of the general secrecy adopted by authorities.

This all just adds to the hugely increased risk for H2H cross contamination with the eventual potential to allow the few mutations that are needed for H5N1 avian influenza to become a world wide pandemic.

Obviously these practices that Indonesia has adopted must be condemed for the potential danger they pose to the whole worlds population.

HOME | Homeland Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hundreds Dead Chickens, Dinkes Magelang Anticipation of Bird Flu
Author: Tosiani | Tuesday, November 13, 2012
MAGELANG - MICOM: At least five of the hundreds of village chickens that died suddenly in Hamlet Seloiring, Jumoyo Village, District Salam, Magelang regency, Central Java, identified due to bird flu.

Village Chief Jumoyo, Sungkono, said this incident has been going on for two weeks. "Previously, the number of population in the hamlet Seloiring chicken reaches about 200 birds. Half of sudden death, and dozens of others were still healthy tail immediately sold," he said on Tuesday (13/11).

Following the incident, residents of the village government to comply with the advice to not eat the chicken. But burning and burying dead chickens.

Link here...

[link to m.mediaindonesia.com]
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