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Message Subject <<Advancing Bird Flu-H5N1...Now following MERS and Ebola approaching PANDEMICS>>>
Poster Handle arkay
Post Content
Normally I would refrain from posting here at this time of night.

I, like most, do have a need for balance and this thread does have a powerful negative undercurrent that I do acknowledge, it is part of what it is.

However our Uk anon has again found some very serious information, again on ebola and this needs to be answered immediately.

Please read her posts, you cannot afford not to.

This bug is a world changing killer and we do need to be monitoring what and where it is active.

I cannot thank UK anon enough for keeping a careful watch on this topic for relevant information on it, so to all readers please take particular notice of this information, it might be a life saving topic.

God I hope not!

But again as always a huge THANK YOU to UK anon, she may well save many lives with her works here and I dont know how any of us could ever show our appreciation for such an act of humanity.
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