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Message Subject <<Advancing Bird Flu-H5N1...Now following MERS and Ebola approaching PANDEMICS>>>
Poster Handle arkay
Post Content
With the greatest of apolagies to readers, I missed this article and it is important.

It relates to the outbreaks of H3N2v that was associated with county fair pig displays and the way that the CDC has attempted to handle this matter.

A way that I might add that has been scientifically at odds with the reporting coming out of the FDA at the same time and regarding the same topic.

We now have the following from the CDC.

CDC Reports More Cases, Hospitalizations and Nationís First H3N2v-Associated Death
The information contained in this web update reflects the situation at the time of posting. It may not reflect the current situation. Please see Influenza A (H3N2) Variant Virus Outbreaks for the most recent information related to H3N2v.
Today, CDC is reporting 12 additional cases of H3N2 variant virus (H3N2v) infection, as well as the first H3N2v-associated death, which was reported by the state of Ohio. The death occurred in an older adult with multiple underlying health conditions who reportedly had direct exposure to pigs in a fair setting.

Looks like all the noise that both this thread and the information that [link to www.recombinomics.com] was presenting with scientific backing, has elicited the above glossing over on the topic from the CDC.

But if the above wasnt a big enough insult, they then proceed to assert this...

CDC also has developed supplemental H3N2v guidance for schools. Last year, there was at least one outbreak of H3N2v in a day care setting in the fall and CDC believes it possible that localized outbreaks of H3N2v, particularly in schools or day cares, may occur as the weather turns colder and schools across the country are underway. "The guidance document is a heads up for schools to be aware of, and on the look-out for, illness with this virus," Finelli explains.

"Itís important to remember that this is an evolving situation that could change quickly." Finelli concludes, "Weíre constantly looking at our data and re-evaluating."

Note where I have underlined in the above extract from the article.

This directly refers to the original emergence of H3N2v in Patient Zero.

It appears that the CDC is also attempting to gloss over what the real facts are in relation to the origins of H3N2v when a clearly genuine "Patient Zero" was identified.

From their article readers would be lead to believe that this influenza virus emerged in a Day Care Centre.


That Patient Zero was from a day care centre is correct, BUT this patient had been admitted to hospital and tested clean for influenza on admission to the hospital, which was for other medical reasons.

Patient Zero developed H3N2v while in hospital and well after admission.

This means that Patient Zero contracted the very first case of H3N2v, WHILE A PATIENT, in hospital.

That incident has never been explained by the CDC.

And now we are witnessing all this spin from the CDC when the topic is assumed to be forgotten.

Well, NOT by this writer.

I offered an apology to the CDC a while ago for the way I dealt with this specific matter, as it appeared that I may have been too eager to attack them and demand answers, but now with the way they are going about handling this and at this late stage, well I wonder.

I, on behalf of all who read this thread will continue to demand of the CDC an explain for how patient zero managed to contract the very first case of H3N2v in a hospital.

Furthermore, I do not accept the inference that patient zero could have caught that FIRST case of H3N2v at the day care centre.

From where?


There is no logic and this IS a cover up!

Do I have to actually say it?

"It is my strong conviction that this case of H3N2v was deliberatley administered to Patient Zero, by persons unknown as yet".

So now; prove me wrong.

Then I will apolagize again, but use science NOT spin.


Link here...

[link to www.cdc.gov]
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