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Message Subject <<Advancing Bird Flu-H5N1...Now following MERS and Ebola approaching PANDEMICS>>>
Poster Handle arkay
Post Content
Readers will be very aware that I regularly source information for this thread from ProMED, one of the most reliable and up to date resources available.

Today, their Editor has issued the following appeal for contributions to that organization in order for it to continue with its invaluable works and service to us all.

If you read this thread and can either contribute yourself and also bring to the attention of friends and colleagues that can also contribute, then please take the time and make this small effort.

From the work that I personally put into just this thread, I can attest to just how much valuable time does get devoted to a task such as this, and I know that readers appreciate well sourced information being provided as their time is valuable too and the provision of good information simply presented is what we all seek, ProMED do that for us all, and I would personally like to thank them all for what they do so dilligently.

Cheers arkay.

Published Date: 2012-11-29 14:18:01
Subject: PRO/ALL> Wherever you work, whatever you do - Support ProMED
Archive Number: 20121129.1430624

A ProMED-mail post
[link to www.promedmail.org]
ProMED-mail is a program of the
International Society for Infectious Diseases
[link to www.isid.org]

Date: Thu 29 Nov 2012
From: Larry Madoff <lmadoff@promedmail.org>
[link to isid.org]

Dear Colleagues,

Sometimes we need to be reminded of just how important something is to our lives. Each year, as we undertake finding the funding to support our work, I am reminded of just how important ProMED-mail is to so many people. But, given the number of subscribers and the high regard in which ProMED is apparently held, why is it so difficult to raise the money needed to keep it alive?

I am writing today to remind you that ProMED needs your help.

Ninety-six percent of our subscribers say they rely on ProMED to stay aware of outbreaks and events. They read ProMED on a daily basis and most use it in their work. ProMED provides the detailed, comprehensive news and evidence-based information that help you understand what is happening now around the globe. Multiple times each day, ProMED brings you accurate, relevant, and timely emerging infectious disease reporting. Every day, ProMED brings you news and unique expert interpretation and context that informs you about the disease and helps you understand how it might affect you, your family, your patients, your business, and your plans. ProMED provides the facts and perspective that are unavailable from other scientific sources; ProMED keeps the infectious disease community up to date on topics long after public interest has faded. But to maintain this level of coverage, ProMED needs your support today.

If you use ProMED-mail in your daily work, you should pay your fair share.

- If you are a clinician, and you use ProMED to inform your practice, please donate.
[link to isid.org]

- If you are a veterinarian, please contribute to the One Health information resource that links you to the whole world.
[link to isid.org]

- If you are a nurse, and you read ProMED to keep yourself up-to-date, please give.
[link to isid.org]

- If you work in the travel industry, please add your support.
[link to isid.org]

- If you are a researcher, and you employ ProMED in your research, please contribute to the cause and consider asking your institution to purchase the ProMED Archives.
[link to isid.org]

- If you are a public health practitioner or manager, and you stay current by reading ProMED, help keep the updates and commentary coming.
[link to isid.org]

- If you are a professor, and you use ProMED to enrich your teaching, and stimulate and motivate your students please give. (And, students: since you expect to pay for your textbooks, if you are learning from ProMED please, contribute to ProMED too.)
[link to isid.org]

- If you work for a pharmaceutical company and you benefit from ProMED, please be generous.
[link to isid.org]

- If you work for a multinational corporation, please donate -- and ask your company to chip in, too!
[link to isid.org]

Wherever you live, wherever you work, whatever you do -- if you use ProMED, if you find it valuable, thought-provoking, a daily necessity, or just plain interesting, please join with the 1450 other subscribers who have made the financial commitment to keep ProMED-mail vibrant and free. Thank you!

[link to isid.org]

Larry Madoff, MD

P.S. If you have already given, thank you. If you have colleagues who also rely on ProMED, please remind them to give, too!

Link here...

[link to www.promedmail.org]

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29 Nov 2012 Wherever you work, whatever you do - Support ProMED
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